First of all. The Santiago de Compostela Way helped me a lot in 2014, when i was recently separated and had custody problems regarding my kids. In june 2014 i did the Portuguese Way by coast line, without GPS. Only maps, and one friend to be my journey partner. I went on bike. Never had done so many km. Never had such a challenge. It went well. It helped me a lot. It gave me again focus and new things to think about.

I did it in 2015, with the same friend and with my father. We did it on bike, but now the Central Portuguese Way and then the way from Santiago to Fisterra. Hard. Beautiful. And it marked a new phase in my life. Finally, i had my kids custody after 1,5 years of emotional dispair.

I needed to do it again. But on foot. My gf wanted to do it with me, so we choosed a week to do that journey. We choosed the English Way. Never had heard anything about it. Blogs were confusing. Scarse information. Scarse photos and videos. So, hard to plan. Pleasant at the end.

Very good landscapes. Rural areas. Hard to plan. Difficulties in some paths. Well, i hope you enjoy the things that are in this blog. Photos, video, comments, GPS tracks. This Camino was done between June 3th to June 10th, 2016.

If you need help or have any comment, please feel free to contact me.

This Camino Inglés can be tricky!


My last experiences:

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