01 – Ferrol (visit and starting the Camino)

Visiting Ferrol and starting the first 3km of the Camino Inglés


Ferrol is a small city located at 50km from A Coruña.

I’m not the best person to talk about Ferrol, but from what i’ve read it is an important city for Spanish Navy and also because it was here that the dictator Franco was born.

From what i saw, Ferrol was nicer from what i had seen in photos and google street view. Yes, it is a quite old and dark city but we had lucky to see it with a spectacular sunset.

There are many churches and a central park where we have a series of street coffees and plenty of people gathered. Easily we can see the major spots of the city in 2 hours. We weren’t running and we saw many things and still had time to initiate the Camino Inglés.

The train and bus station are situated neat the Plaza de España and you will easily visit Ferrol in 3hours. We arrive at 5.30p.m, we loose ourselfs a little, due to a GPS failure, but did see the Concello de Ferrol, had time to go again to Plaza de España do buy things in the supermarket, we visited the main garden, the Rúa dos Irmandiños (where you will see some major churches), we went to the port, started the Camino, visited the Iglesia de San Francisco, and had time to arrive at 8.45p.m at Ferrol Hospedaje.


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Ferrol photos

There are some considerations about Ferrol and the Camino Inglés. Luckily we had GPS and we knew exactely where to go. The starting point of the Camino is a “must-see”, but from here till the end of Ferrol, the yellow arrows or the stone marks are very sparse. That means you can have real trouble getting to the right track. One curious thing is that the main indications are sometimes in one or another sideway. That doesn’t make sense and it is confusing. My recommendation is that if you have a GPS, then use it!

Another thing to say is that many people “cut” around 15km in the initial path to Pontedeume. That means going straight by Avenida Pias (near the Hospedaje Ferrol) and crossing the bridge to Fene. In this travel, we didn’t cut any of the original paths.


In Plaza de España there is a DIA supermarket, where we bought things for our dinner and for the following day. Then, we went by Rúa dos Irmandiños, till the starting point of Camino Inglés, in the port of Ferrol. From here, we followed the indications of the Camino (not easy!) and crossed places like de Plaza de La Constitución and we followed the Spanish Navy fleet complex. Please notice that is somehow dangerous to do this, as in some places there isn’t anyone around. Then, we went till the Diapason roundabout and we did a little desviation to the Ferrol Hospedaje. We choosed this one because it is near the Camino Inglés and in the following day we would resume it from that point. Till now, we did around 3 to 4km of the path. In the following day, we would expect to hike 29km.

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