06 – Bruma to Sigüeiro

Bruma to Sigüeiro was easy compared to the last day


Bruma to Sigüeiro doesn’t have many things to tell. Compared to the last step – Betanzos to Bruma – it’s an easy path and also a beautiful one. The thing that i loved in this path was the sunshine in Bruma and all the fields around with different shades of green, yellow, orange, brown and blue.


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The view from the Bruma albergue at 7a.m.
The view from the Bruma albergue at 7a.m.
In the Bruma albergue, with sunshine at 8a.m.
One of the roads after the Bruma albergue
Field after Bruma albergue

Bruma to Sigüeiro has an overall distance of 26km. But this 26km are far easier than the 29km of Betanzos – Bruma. Far, far easier! The terrain is almost flat and made by secondary roads.

Has 3 bars in the way. One of them was closed and it is situated around 2km after the albergue. The other one is Café Novo (6km after Bruma albergue) and the last one is Cafe Bar O Cruceiro (12km after Bruma albergue). So, you will have around 14km without any place to re-fuel. Organize yourself with this information.

We used this path to relax a little and go easily, stopping in the bars that we found, to eat and drink and to catch some sun. After the last day, we deserved a little of rest and we used this path as an “healing one”. We were not in a worry because Sigüeiro doesn’t have a public albergue. We had booked a room in “El Albergue de Delia” that costed us €15/ person. The cheapest we could find and we can’t regret it. We had very good accomodation and a private room just for both of us, and also a kitchen where we cooked a very large and good meal. We invited two english men to join us in that meal. They were were walking the path at the same time a we were.

So, the overall map of the travel can be resumed in the following image.

Overall view of Bruma – Sigüeiro path

The major spots you will see is the “statues” seen in the picture, green fields (at least in summer!), 2 bars, a “cold drink machine” and a 6km straight line field road when arriving to Sigüeiro.

Sigüeiro surprised me for the well organized public park. This park is the our entrance in Sigüeiro and it is beautiful. It’s a public park with pool, football, basketball fields, grass, river, bar, etc. Very well organized indeed.

The rest is to see the photos!

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