Elevation Profiles

The distances and elevation profiles can vary. The official ones aren’t so accurate. Also, my GPS tracks can show a little more due to “extra” distance made while walking (taking photographs, going back sometimes, eating, seeing landscapes, etc).

I present the Google Earth distance (calculated with my original GPS tracks). Google Earth just calculates the shortest path based on my GPS track. 

If you compare in the table below, you easily see that the Official info of the Camino is “optimistic”. But in overall the distances are more or less the same. But if you are using your GPS the most accurate readings will be closer to mine. You also “stop”. You also “eat”. You also “take photographs”. You also “make mistakes” in the path. Etc… etc…


Elevation profile of Ferrol-Pontedeume (starting in Ferrol Hospedaje)
Elevation profile of Pontedeume to Betanzos
Elevation profile of Betanzos to Bruma
Elevation profile of Bruma to Sigüeiro
Elevation profile of Sigüeiro to Santiago de Compostela



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