04 – A Coruña (just visit)

Visiting A Coruña was a refreshing “stop” in the Camino Inglés. An opportunity to visit a major city of Galicia.


Well. I am from Porto, Portugal. It is not far to visit A Coruña. But both me and my gf never had visited this city. So, the best opportunity to do it was when we were close. VERY CLOSE!


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If you see the map below you will realize it is the shortest distance possible in the Camino Inglés. When arriving to Betanzos, you can go visit A Coruña by bus. It is like 40min distance and it will cost you only €2,2 each travel/ person.

Context of Ferrol, Pontedeume, Betanzos and A Coruña

So, what we did was simple. At 8am we were catching the Arriva bus from Betanzos to A Coruña. The bus station is in the city main square, at around 5min walking from the Albergue. Easy. But we had to run a little, because we took a little while during the breakfast. The day was ok, but it seemed cloudy and colder. In the previous days we had sun and high temperatures.

Arriva bus from Betanzos to A Coruña
Arriva bus from Betanzos to A Coruña

Well. In one way it was good that we made this stop to visit A Coruña. It started to rain! It wouldn’t be nice to do the way to Bruma with rain! Not confortable at all. Even in this planning we had lucky!

I had taken a 22km path on the GPS to visit the major spots of the city. Well… i use it only till Hércules Tower. Why? Because from there i didn’t realise that we could see much more than we already had seen. And the total of this walk already was around 17km. Our legs were hurting because of the 2 previous days. And Pontedeume-Betanzos was hard. Also, we loose at least one hour in the city center, protected from heavy rain. It was early and all the city was still “awakening”.

General overview of our path in A Coruña
General overview of the first part of the visit to A Coruña
In this first part of the travel, we walked in the historical center of A Coruña, and then moved to the Hércules Tower.

We had lucky! It was monday, and Hércoles Tower is freely open to the public and you don’t have to pay a ticket! GREAT! Even in this we had a positive experience.

Overview between Atocha cantonment
Hércoles Tower and Wind Rose
Hércoles Tower and Wind Rose

After this visit we returned by other avenue and inner streets, we lunched in a restaurant, visit the commercial streets near Concello de Coruña, and then returned to the bus station.

We tooked the 2:30 pm bus and arrived Betanzos near 3.20 pm. Then, fortunately we had a chance to stay in the same albergue. But now, there were not 9 or 10 pilgrims but near 35!!!

10 pilgrims to 35??? Wow! In the next day, we would have to go to Bruma (that only has 22 beds in the public albergue).

Now? I am worried!

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