05 – Porto/Vigo/Ferrol

Ready to leave from Porto to Ferrol. Let’s GO!


So, finally we are ready to go to Ferrol.

First, we picked the Autna bus in Casa da Música bus station (boarding interface number 3) at 10am .

Porto | Casa da Música boarding interface

We arrived at 01:35 p.m  (Spain local time) at Vigo bus station.

Vigo | Bus station

In Vigo we only had time to eat something and buy the tickets in Castromil buses to go to Ferrol. The bus was at 2:30 p.m (14h30).

Castromil bus that took us from Vigo to Ferrol

We arrived Ferrol at 5:30 p.m (17h30) after stopping in Pontevedra, Santiago de Compostela and Pontedeume (the place where we would arrive by foot in the next day).

The weather was not constant but in general we had sun and some clouds. The temperature was around 21ºC and it was very pleasant when we arrive Ferrol.

From here, we took our GPS and followed the track that we previously had created to visit Ferrol, it’s main spots and also to start the Camino Inglés in that day.However, the GPS blocked as soon we got out of the bus and we had to do a little more of distance to correct the path. However we went to the right places, but we took longer to do it.

The idea was to go to the supermarket to “re-fuel” to next day and to make dinner in the hostel and then start the Camino.

Ferrol | Bus station


3 thoughts on “05 – Porto/Vigo/Ferrol”

  1. Excellent blog I congratulate you. I made the French road in 2016. I walked from Pamplona to Santiago. I realized that for me it was comfortable to walk an average of 20 kilometers per day. I plan on doing the English path in September. My question for you is this: if I wanted to walk an average of 20 km a day, could I find other cities with hostels or there are only hostels doing the stages that you did? Thanks in advance


    1. Hello,

      Yes. It is possible to walk that distance. Let’s see the generic planning:
      1. Ferrol to Neda (around 17km). Both have hostels
      2. Neda to Pontedeume (around 20km): Both have hostels
      3. Pontedeume to Betanzos (around 22km): both have hostels
      4. Betanzos to Presedo (around 15km): both have hostels
      5. Presedo to Bruma (around 15km): both have hostels
      6. Bruma to Sigüeiro (around 26km): both have hostels. In the middle, no hostels
      7. Sigüeiro to Santiago (around 17km).

      Let’s see. The Pontedeume to Betanzos is just 22km but much harder than the 26km from Bruma to Sigüeiro.

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