04 – Budget

What will be your average costs for Camino Inglés?


One of the most asked questions by non-european citizens is how much can this kind of travel cost. Well, it depends of the cost of transportation till Spain. In the previous post i talked about the cost of going from Porto to Santiago.

Regarding the day-to-day life, i saw and listened many things. The cost will depend on your budget limits, finantial capacity and also your personal lifestyle and confort limits.

Last year one portuguese pilgrim (he came from Lisbon to Santiago and then Finisterre, for around 35days walking) said he does the math like this: €2 – €3/km. So, if he planned a 600km trip the total cost would be €1200 – €1800.

I can’t do the math like this. I planned each step of the travel and consider the transportation, the public hostels costs, food and souvenirs. Where you will spend more money is in food. If you want to save money you have to do shopping like you do in your own home: supermarkets.

My total budget for a 7 nights/ 8 day trip with transportation, food, hostel and souvenirs was of €260 – €300/ person. I made a calculation for each step of the travel, considering many aspects and also the “flaws” that could happen. I planned a 150km journey. So, the previous calculations aren’t far from the calculations of that portuguese guy. €260-€300/ 150km = €1,73-€2/ km.

The total travel cost was of €192. I saved around €70 regarding the more optimistic budget. So, €1,28/ km. And in Santiago we always eated in restaurants. Great!

Considerations about the average costs


Bus is a very cheap option in Spain. Good conditions and good prices. See my last post.
Train is also very good, but it is more expensive.

Albergues/ hostels

The albergues of the Camino de Santiago cost between €5 to €6/ person. In this english path you have to spend more in Ferrol and Sigüeiro, because there aren’t any public albergues. Still, you can find prices between €15 to €20/ person. Also, in Santiago de Compostela, the cheapest place is Seminario Menor (€12 or €15 in case of individual room).
Be careful when planning this Camino Inglés/ English Path. We had lucky to find available places in public albergues, but specially in Bruma we got the last 2 beds. And we arrived at 3p.m. That place has only 22 places and we were almost 36 pilgrims in the path. Your budget can go from €6 to €22/ person if have to stay in the nearest private hostel (around 2km far).


An average meal in Spain and in the Camino Inglés is around €10/ person. If you buy in supermarkets you will save like 80-90% of that money.
But consider this detail. Supermarkets are closed on sundays!
And you will not find any in Bruma (unless you walk 2,5 km to O Méson do Vento and 2,5km to return to the albergue). So, it is difficult to find places to eat or buy things between Betanzos and Bruma. Also, between Bruma and Sigüeiro you only have 2 options and none of them are supermarkets.
Be (very) careful when planning this trip.
Indication of last stop for “re-fuel” before Sigüeiro. You have around 15km without any stops to buy food.

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