02 – Ferrol to Pontedeume

Let’s go! Ferrol to Pontedeume!


So, in fact, we can consider this step as the first one of the Caminho Inglés, starting in Ferrol.

Obviously, in the previous post, we started the Camino in the Ferrol port and then we walked around 3km of the Camino Inglés, till a hostel nearby the path.

In this post, we will start our journey at the Ferrol Hospedaje, near the “Diapasan Roundabout”.

In short, in one friday, we left Porto at 10a.m. and arrived Ferrol at 5.30p.m (local time). Then, we visited Ferrol till 9p.m, when we arrived Ferrol Hospedaje.

Now, we will start one the longest distances of the Camino Inglés (not the 33km, from the Ferrol port, but 29km till Pontedeume).


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In the next images, you will find the first km of the Camino Inglés, with some notes and  map to illustrate where we were passing by.

Aerial view of Ferrol and A Coruña. Later we would visit A Coruña. For now, the goal is to go from Ferrol to Pontedeume

This is the first step to Santiago de Compostela. Ferrol to Pontedeume. The original path is around 34km. As we had walked the first 3km in the previous day, we had to walk “only” 29km.

This is one of the most “tricky” details of this travel. Many pilgrims just do a tremendous shortcut using the Fene Bridge. It means they don’t walk the 15km that are between Ferrol, passing by Neda and arriving Fene. Is it too bad? Of course nothing is “bad”. Everyone decides its own way. We decided to stick on the indicated path.

In the previous post we had stopped in Hospedaje Ferrol, near the “Diapason roundabout”. Now, this next map shows us the first steps to reach Pontedeume. From diapason roundabout to the Ferrol Auditorium.

From diapason roundabout to the Ferrol Auditorium

Next to the Ferrol Auditorium, you will find another roundabout that connects the Rúa Telleiras to Avenida Mar.In this avenue, we will walk in a nice sideway, where we found some people running, cycling and walking. It was around 8am.

Next to Ferrol Auditorium, we find a nice sidewalk

Some GPS tracks (as the one that i had downloaded) go by Avenida Mar, not following the correct path. The correct path goes by a small path under the avenue. It passes by one small beach.

The original Camino passes under the Avenida Mar sideway (Ensenada de Caranza). It goes by a gravel road.
In this 3D Google map you can see the place where we took a photo. See it below.

Next to this church, in the Ensenada de Caranza, we follow near the Avenida Mar sideway. We go by a gravel road that was quite silence. Ok. We are from Porto. Porto is a very very nice and beautiful city of Portugal. Ferrol doesn’t compare to the coastal lines of Porto. Still, it was a pleasant journey.

Going along the Avenida Mar gravel road, at Punta de Caranza

At the end of the Avenida Mar, you find an entrance for the Fene bridge. Here, you still can cut around 15km to the path. It is tempting, isn’t it??? No! We will keep following the original path. You go UNDER the road.

At this point you can enter the Fene bridge or keep going on the original path

Now, we passed the Fene bridge. That means we will do 15km just to reach the other side of the bridge. Hum! Just to keep the original Camino Inglés!

We are here! After the Fene bridge and this place is good for some photos.  n
Here, you can see some photos of the Fene bridge

Following this grass field in the industrial area of Ferrol, we just found a “stupid” waste of time and distance. The path goes like a “square”, instead of following the road. Ok. almost all the Santiago paths make this kind of “serpentine”, but in this case, it is quite strange. Because we don’t go away from the “main area”. Instead, we just do a square in a big grass field. Still, nothing new not even more “peaceful” environment. STRANGE!

Strange Camino path at this specific area

Following this “strange square” i admit i was thinking: “that’s why the Camino is so long! We are doing serpentine paths, some of them very strange”. It was the only case i have to report in this 150km journey from Ferrol to Santiago.

Next, we pass a bridge, over Estrada da Trincheira, and walk along the railway, till we find a tunnel. This tunnel was used in the movie of this Camino.

Walk by the railway till the tunnel
Tunnel used in the movie of this trip – see minute 1:10

Camino Inglés/ English Way – Santiago de Compostela from Ricardo Dias on Vimeo.

After the tunnel, we ascend to a place where there are very pleasant gardens and private houses. The, we descend to other tunnel. After, we enter a new residential area.

Between tunnels

The new residential area – Urbanización Couto – has in its entrance a wood sign of the Camino. In my opinion, one of the most beautiful that i have seen.

Between the second tunnel and S.Mariño monastery
I think this is a nice view of a yellow arrow of the Camino
Wood sign at the entrance of the Urbanización Couto

After passing the S.Martiño monastery, we will enter a rural area, where i took a nice photo.

Entrance to the rural area
Entrance of the rural area

In this rural area you will walk in some land roads, during some time.

Between the entrance of the rural area and the bridge over the main road

From here, you will find a rural area with abandoned and old houses and a bridge over Ferrol river. Aftewards, we found a temporary deviation of the Camino. We had to walk a further more and enter in the main road.

Between the bridge and Neda Albergue
Mesón Bariloche in Narón
Mesón Bariloche in Narón
View of Neda albergue and Santa Rita church (in Narón)

Next to the albergue, we walk along a nice and peaceful wood sidewalk, along the Ferrol river.In the movie, there are some shots of this place.


Wood sidewalk after Neda albergue

Sidewalk and Neda. A quiet place.

After Neda’s church, we walk in small streets with cute houses, and then arrive to the highway underpassage where we can’t miss the BIG YELLOW ARROW! Here we first see a couple of pilgrims.

Highway underpassage

After the highway underpassage, you will start to ascend a little. Not much, but a little. See the GPS elevation graph in Wikiloc. Then, we arrive Fene and stopped to lunch.

Remember this! If we had walked by the Fene bridge we wouldn’t have made the last 15km! And now, we would be at the same place!

Between the highway and Fene

One of the bad things of this Camino Inglés is that we don’t find any metal plate indicating the distance. Probably they were all stolen. Except the 11km plate! Another thing is that many times we become confused with the signs. An example??? See the photo.

Wow! Nice signs!!! Where to go??? Shells say “right”, arrows say “left”!

The “SHELL” should point to the place we have to go. But this new marks (many along the way) have the Shell in the same position. In this case, you have to go left. The arrow says left, but the shells say “go right”.

Between Fene and the industrial area of Poligono Industrial Vilar do Colo, we see the famous “shell arrow” (see photo) in one private house, and a quiet path of forest and trees. Now, we will go up a little. So, have water in your backpack!

Between Fene and Poligono Industrial Vilar do Colo

Between the industrial zone, we will keep going by land paths (see photos), and then enter a residential area where we can start to see the beach of Magdalena (in some places). Prepare for huge descendings that can hurt your feets. You have to “break” a lot with the fingers of your feets. With many km on your legs and also the weight of your backpack it can be painful.

Between the Poligono Industrial Vilar do Colo and the tunnel near the Magdalena beach

Before we arrive to Magdalena beach, we descend some stairs and arrive to a tunnel, that was used also in the movie.

Stairs and tunnel befor Magdalena beach

Arriving Magdalena beach we can relax a little. The zone is very nice to relax. But it was almost 3.10 p.m. and we focused on getting to the Pontedeume albergue. But we took some photos and videos and talked with some locals.

Magdalena beach and sidewalks
Magdalena beach and sidewalks
Pontedeume bridge and Pontedeume albergue
Major spots in Pontedeume


Well, we are arriving Pontedeume. In my point of view, this is one of the most beautiful places of the Camino Inglés to Santiago de Compostela. With sun (and we had lucky!) it is very pleasant to stay here. Ponteudeume is small and you can easily see it. The albergue is very well located. It is nice, but doesn’t have many facilities like kitchen! Very good in the location. Very bad in the facilities and beds available. Still, i loved to stay here.

That’s it! Pontedeume. Around 30km. Nice views. A great start for us. We have never done this kind of hiking. My right knee was ok, although i had many muscular pain. Tolerable! A journey to remember. Now, let’s take a shower, buy somethings in Froiz supermarket, dinner, sleep and prepare for the next day.

The next day will start with a tremendous “climbing”. Only now i know it!

GPS facts. Ferrol to Pontedeume took us 8h to walk. In movement we had 5h36 and we stopped 2h12. We walked and a median velocity of 5,1km/h and the GLOBAL MEDIAN VELOCITY was of 3,7km/h (with all stops). Total distance since we left the Hospedaje Ferrol: 29,24km.

Resume of the track from Ferrol to Pontedeume
Pontedeume albergue entrance
Pontedeume albergue entrance
Pontedeume albergue entrance
Pontedeume albergue entrance
Pontedeume albergue entrance
Pontedeume albergue entrance

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