03 – What to take?

What to take in this 150km on-foot travel? See it below.


What to take to the Camino is always a good question that will be determined by personal lifestyle and also by weather and gear that you have.

I strongly recommend you have the most technical and ultralight gear, but of course they are expensive. The more you get lightweight material the more expensive it gets.
In this Camino i had the probability of light rain. So i choose not to take heavy waterproof clothes. I only took a kind of “poncho” with 2000mm of water column resistance. Not much but it would do for light and occasional rain.
The rest is presented in the photo.

Material that i took for Camino Inglés

I took:

– 40L backpack (800gr)
-Water bottle (500ml)
– Medication
– Hygiene itens (deodorant, tooth past and tooth brush, soap) + suncream
– Microfiber XS towel
– Clothespin
– Pocket 10L backpack (useful to buy and store food from supermarket)
– Sleeping bag (700g)
– Flip-flops
– Technology (18500mAh powerbank + GPS + camera battery charger + cables + AA batteries + cellphone + DSLR camera + gorillapod tripod
– Clothes (2 tshirts + 1 rain jacket + 1 socks + 1 beach boxers + 1 running lycra shorts + 1 running lycra trousers + 1 long sleeved warm t-shirt)


I took a 800g 40L backpack. I choosed to take my DSLR camera so all the gear needed for that weighted 2kg! Too much, but i wanted to take it. I also could have left my Etrex GPS and the spare batteries. But i am glad i didn’t. It was very useful. Also, the 18500 mAh powerbank weights 500g. But it was useful to charge the equipment when we had no place to charge it. In one of the days i had to charge my DSLR battery. It run out of energy and it was useful.

I used everything that i took except the long sleeved warm t-shirt.

So, all of my gear weighted 7,2kg (2,5kg were from technology itens). It is an acceptable weight but i knew i needed to carry around 2-2,5 kg of food in 2 days of the journey. Grrr! So, it would go to 9-10kg. Too much weight. My gf’s bakpack would be around 5kg.

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